Rigor and consistency in the interest of progress

Vision is said to account for a substantial part of a company’s success. We share this belief. Our success is certainly no accident but it derives most assuredly from our loyalty to two commitments: rigor and respect for the men and women we employ.

If we are able to deliver products and services of premium quality, it is mostly because, over the years, we have favored reliability above all else: professional know-how, delicate handling in manual operations, individual inspection of workpieces, verification of measuring instruments, irreproachable cleanliness but also the choice of subcontractors who adhere to the same standards of quality as we do.

Today, while we lend growing importance to environmental considerations, we are also very sensitive to the well-being of our employees. By making their daily lives more rewarding, we facilitate productivity but we also improve comfort and safety.


Our plant, for example, features air-conditioned rooms where temperature and floors serve the requirements of production but where employees are also protected from noise and dust. In the final analysis, the will do to things right is rewarded by enriched human relations, at our plant and with our clients, nearby and around the world.

Piguet Frères