The march of progress, one step at a time, each and every day.

To satisfy one’s passion for micromechanics gives immense pleasure. But our satisfaction is even greater in the knowledge that our efforts build the edifice of human progress, one small stone at a time. Indeed, our products serve to provide for a multitude of applications which directly improve the lives of all of us. Some pieces are subjected to extreme conditions of use, often exceptional for pieces of this size.

Piguet Frères

Our miniature valves, for example, used in chromatography, operate in pumps at unimaginable pressures. Our probes plunged into the ocean’s depths must resist very high salinity and temperatures. Of course, these extreme applications – but also all others – involve a significant amount of research. We particularly appreciate this phase because it implies a creative drive in conjunction with our client.

To respond to the market needs of demanding industrialists, active primarily in Europe but also in the rest of the world, we deliver solutions for machining extra hard materials, and for making microtechnical components and subassemblies which have earned widespread recognition for over a century.